The Holistic Approach to Personal Training

  • Looking to achieve a life-changing transformation?
  • Tired of hitting the gym hard only to find yourself back where you started?
  • Want to improve your energy levels, mood and outlook?
  • Seeking to overcome health challenges and safeguard your health?
If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then I can help you.

By taking a holistic approach to your health and fitness programme, together we can create meaningful change that lasts. As well as providing one-to-one coaching, I aim to provide you with the information and the tools that you will need to stay healthy.

I have developed a style of training that combines elements of Pilates, yoga, and calisthenics.

Movement and use of the body is essential to health of both body and mind. Our workouts are low impact, high intensity, and based on natural body movements and yoga-style flows. While typical fitness training will focus primarily on cardiovascular and muscular strength, we will develop the other aspects of fitness too: mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination, and stamina. This helps us to gain a functional fitness while minimising risk of injury.

Each workout will leave you energised, empowered, and positive. In our specially designed workouts, life-giving nutrients will course around your body, delivering oxygen and goodness to all of your organs, improving their function; your lymphatic system will be stimulated, supporting your immune function; and your nervous system will repay you by releasing a dose of mood-lifting hormones.

Over then long-term the type of training we do will have innumerable benefits, including improving weightloss and body composition, heart health, immune function, mood and general performance; it will increase muscle strength, flexibility, bone strength, resting metabolic rate; and it will help safeguard your health.

Good food is the foundation of good health. Food is the resource from which your body gets what it needs in order to function properly; and to function properly is to enjoy good health. Equally, eating the wrong foods can make things a whole lot harder for our bodies.

A healthy diet will help increase energy and vitality, reduce inflammation, balance hormones, lower blood pressure, clear skin, boost immunity, balance blood sugar and improve mood.

Our focus regarding nutrition will be on increasing your enjoyment of wholesome, life-giving foods. This is the key to sustainable positive change.

There are many other factors that influence our wellbeing on a daily basis, for better or for worse. I can support you in identifying areas that require attention, and in finding practical solutions, through personal coaching.

The first key aspect is in providing you with a totally safe, non-judgemental listening space. My role is to hold space for you and listen so that together we can identify patterns. The second aspect is in setting and gently holding you accountable to enact carefully targetted practical strategies and exercises that will support your growth and forward movement.


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