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My Take on Health

My aim is to help you feel better than you knew you could, and to teach you how to stay that way

I believe that true healthcare is about long-term, sustainable changes that that create balance and support the body’s natural ability to become and stay well.

I believe that most of us have the capacity for far greater health than we experience or even expect. One of my goals is to provide practical support so that anyone interested can take control of their health and feel great.

People who come to me have decided that they want to take care of their health, and I feel honoured by that. So it’s my intention to provide the same service that I would like a loved one to receive.

A Bit About My Background

I was drawn to body work from an early age, leading me in my teens to bodybuilding, sports conditioning and sports nutrition. After completing my honours degree at the University of Southampton (2004), I trained as a Certified BWLA Fitness Coach, attained a diploma in Sports Nutrition, and began working as a personal trainer with a vision to explore the interaction between physical training and other markers of wellbeing.

Working in gyms, and having already spent much time in that environment since 1998, I came to realise that many of the objectives and methods of the fitness world were not healthy or sustainable – and I observed psychological pitfalls too. So my interest shifted. I began learning and practicing more balanced methods of exercise, and exploring broader perspectives on wellness.

I went on to study other areas of natural healthcare, gaining qualifications in Advanced Nutrition, NLP, Gestalt Therapy, and a level 7 diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. I spent 6 years working in one of the UK’s top naturopathic clinics, contributing written work to publications for both the public and natural health professionals. In this time, I continued to study, gaining further qualifications in Pilates and vinyasa yoga instruction.

What I do now is the culmination of a life long journey of active learning and I am committed to continually developing my understandings and practices, to get the best results for my clients, for my family, and for myself.

I live in Petersfield with my son. My other key interest in life is music, which has run in parallel with natural health. I toured and recorded as a professional guitarist, and I still teach guitar. My work with gongs is the coming together of these two strands. I also offer mentoring and workshops for young men.

What Do Clients Say?



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